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First look at open-world RPG Avowed appears online

First look at open-world RPG Avowed appears online

We finally have our first-look at Avowed, two years after it was revealed at the Xbox Games Showcase.

As video game fans, we should be used to getting hyped over a game’s reveal only for it to disappear into oblivion but it doesn’t get any easier. During 2020’s Xbox Games Showcase, Obsidian Entertainment revealed Avowed. A trailer was released for the first-person RPG showcasing somewhat of a Skyrim vibe.

Fans soon discovered that Avowed would be set in the same universe as Pillars of Eternity after deciphering a sequence of runes. Unfortunately, little has been heard about Avowed since leading to some concerns over the game’s development. In recent days though, a first-look appears to have leaked online.

Check out Avowed’s reveal trailer below.

The image was originally posted by industry insider Jez Corden, later ending up on Resetera when the original post was deleted. There’s not a lot to go on. The first-person point of view shows someone seemingly wielding magic with both hands. This fits with what we saw in the cinematic reveal trailer which also teased the use of magic.

In terms of the open world, we see a small ruin in the screenshot surrounded by a forested area. It’s a fairly low-resolution screenshot and it also doesn’t do much in the way of hinting towards where Avowed’s development is as we don’t know if the screenshot is old, recent, or even real at all.

Still, fans are excited at the prospect of progress being made on Avowed. Back when the game was announced, devs teased that Avowed’s open-world would be much larger than Skyrim’s so I suppose we can’t be surprised at the long development time. Hopefully, we’ll get an official update soon.

Featured Image Credit: Xbox Games Studios

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