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Final Fantasy 9 remake accidentally confirmed early by Epic Games

Final Fantasy 9 remake accidentally confirmed early by Epic Games

Could the long-awaited remake be arriving sooner than we thought?

Final Fantasy fans may not have long to wait until a Final Fantasy 9 remake is finally announced following months of speculation.

First released way back in 2000, Final Fantasy 9 is just one entry in the long-running RPG series by Square Enix.

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In more recent months, Square Enix itself has hinted at a potential remake as well as prolific leakers. However, with the remake not having been officially announced, fans are still holding out hope for a miracle.

Luckily, that miracle may indeed be here courtesy of an Epic Games Store leak which reveals that Final Fantasy 9 will soon be heading to PC alongside titles such as The Last of Us Part 2 and a new Turok game.

The source of the leak comes from the Epic Games Store database so although this can be considered pretty solid proof, it is still not an official confirmation by developers.

However, the titles that were found (albeit under codenames) have now been deciphered and are as follows: utah = The Last of Us Part 2, Momo = FFIX and Skobeloff = FFXVI.

Alongside this, it seems as though Saber Interactive has listed a Turok game. However, with many not believing this is a remake of the late 90s/early 2000s titles, it could indeed be a brand-new entry in the classic series.

With Square Enix reportedly at work on a PC port for Final Fantasy 16, it only makes sense that it has also turned its attention to another classic title in the series.

As for The Last of Us Part 2, it can only be assumed that it will also head to PC in the future alongside its predecessor. However, it is doubtful it will be an Epic Games exclusive.

For now, only time will tell.

Featured Image Credit: Square Enix

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