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Football fans are being tricked into thinking FIFA 23 streams are pirated World Cup games

Football fans are being tricked into thinking FIFA 23 streams are pirated World Cup games

Work harder, not smarter.

YouTube streamers are using extremely low quality videos of eFootball 2022 and FIFA 23 to dupe football fans into thinking that they've found a pirated stream of the latest matches. The worst part is that it's working.

Some people are saying it's easy to see how people might have fallen for this trick. I am not "some people." Even if you dial down the quality on these streams, no human being moves like a FIFA player. These models are too fluid when they run from point to point, almost like a computer has already decided how far they'll go and when to stop dead. Real players make mistakes, bring their sprint down to a jog, trigger arguments among themselves, bunch up in the defending zone, nearly kiss each other, do silly dances to celebrate goals. In short: a FIFA game is efficient and a World Cup game is not.

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VNExpress, a Vietnamese news site, reported that one YouTube channel called Minute90Kplus has uploaded simulations of recent World Cup games in eFootball 2022 and FIFA 23 and these have scored hundreds of thousands of views. PC Gamer added that the channel Football Live boasts over a million subscribers peddling the same content and that a cursory search offers you plenty of options to watch fake matches.

Your best bet, I would imagine, is to set up shop at the local pub several hours before the match begins. Actually, as we are in the quarter final stage, it might be better to snag a seat the night before and defend it with your life. It would likely be less hassle than sifting through these streams and seeing the action played out with those uncanny valley FIFA players.

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