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FIFA 23 anti-cheat system is already being exploited

FIFA 23 anti-cheat system is already being exploited

Some PC players are exploiting FIFA 23's new anti-cheat mechanism.

The final ever FIFA game is now out in the world, which is a strange thought. As I’m sure you’re now aware, the franchise will soon rebrand as EA Sports FC and it’s probably not a bad time. FIFA 23 has introduced a number of welcomed changes to the franchise, but all long-running series’ need reinvention.

FIFA 23 marks the first time that the franchise has featured a female cover star on the standard edition of the game, plus there’s a very handy new feature if you’re fed up of Stewart Robson criticising your sporting efforts. One thing fans aren’t thrilled about though is the exploitation of an anti-cheat mechanism.

ICYMI, FIFA 23 includes Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond. Take a look at Ted in action below.

As reported by Dexerto, the PC version of FIFA 23 introduces the EA AntiCheat (EAAC) which prevents files and software from being injected into the game which sounds pretty foolproof, yet already some players have worked out how to exploit the EAAC to earn free wins, kick out opponents and boost stats.

Twitter user AsarJR allegedly entered a Discord server undercover and witnessed the selling of cheat tools, sharing video evidence to social media. The user tweeted, “So FIFA 23 hasn't completed one week since the release and there are already many cheat tools made, however EA released an AntiCheat which is supposed to be the strongest AntiCheat on the earth. Ok, look at this.”

The accompanying video showed a player winning a FUT Draft Match with a single click of the mouse. AsarJR included screenshots of sites which advertised cheat codes that promised to give “five stars” to every player’s weak foot, provide players with “full chemistry in Ultimate Team mode,” and even “get a win if you scored at least one goal in any Ultimate Team mode.”

At the time of writing, EA is yet to respond to the issue.

Featured Image Credit: EA

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