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'FIFA 23' Is Introducing A Wild New Feature

'FIFA 23' Is Introducing A Wild New Feature

Fed up of commentators criticising your play? FIFA 23 fans are going to enjoy this new feature.

FIFA 23 is mere days away from release and if you’re as thrilled about that fact as I was that England finally remembered how to score last night, then you must be feeling pretty good about it. I’m sure you’re aware by now that FIFA 23 spells the end of an era, and perhaps that’s for the best. Going forwards, the series will drop the FIFA moniker and go by the name EA Sports FC. There’s no doubt that the series needs a boost, but I think fans are going to be very pleased with one new feature.

In case you missed it, Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond are coming to FIFA 23. Check out the trailer below.

In FIFA 23, players will be able to disable criticism from commentators. There’s nothing worse than someone knocking your play. We’re all just trying our best, right? I Imagine the feature will go down well with fans. As one of my colleagues joked, "Harry Maguire would like this." I’m not going to pretend I came up with that joke. No one would believe me.

The option players will be able to disable is quite literally called "Disable Critical Commentary," after which you’ll be able to launch the ball over the crossbar or fluff a pass in peace. The problem is, the option could do with some improvements. Eurogamer took the feature out on a test run but noted that Stewart Robson still bashed their play.

Eurogamer’s Wesley Yin-Poole wrote, “I played a FIFA Ultimate Team Division Rivals match this morning with critical commentary disabled, and Robson still tore into my finishing and had some choice words for poor Mason Mount.” Aw, leave Mason alone.

Featured Image Credit: EA

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