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Far Cry 7 story and open world sound like the twist the series needs

Far Cry 7 story and open world sound like the twist the series needs

Far Cry 7 story and open world sound like the twist the series needs

In an effort to bring a new lease of life to the Far Cry series, Ubisoft are switching it up with Far Cry 7 by introducing a real-time storyline to the game.

With the most recent Far Cry instalment, Far Cry 6 releasing in 2021 to less than positive reviews, it appears as though Ubisoft are attempting a different approach for the seventh title. With rumours that it will feature real-time gameplay challenging players to rescue a captured family within 24 hours, it will be a lot different to what we’re used to.

This news comes courtesy of Insider Gaming who report that Far Cry 7 will feature a “non-linear story” centering around the kidnapping of the player’s wealthy family by a conspiracy group known as the “Sons of Truth”. With the usual Far Cry games featuring our players finding themselves in hostile territory that needs to be liberated from evil dictators, this will be a much different take that has already been compared to games such as Dead Rising.

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Leaks claim that the in-game timer will give the player 72 in-game hours to rescue their family which will total around 24 hours in real time. It will continue ticking away in the background and can only be paused when players enter safehouses. We can only guess what will happen to the family if we’re late with reports that some members can even be killed if we deviate. Since the game is still in early development, we’re unsure what else the game will entail. With Far Cry games usually featuring plenty of side quests as well as hunting and fishing, I can’t imagine we would be worrying much about climbing bell towers in Far Cry 7.

Last but not least, there are also rumours that the game will feature an “interrogation mechanic”. This will help with the player’s quest to rescue their family but NPCs will supposedly be able to lie, stay quiet and even escape. However, since Ubisoft has yet to confirm all these leaks, you should take them with a pinch of salt. If they are to be believed, it appears as though we will have to rescue all members of the family in order to complete the campaign.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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