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Far Cry 2 gets stunning new-gen remaster you can download free

Far Cry 2 gets stunning new-gen remaster you can download free

Bring Far Cry 2 up to modern standards

It has been almost 20-years since Far Cry 2 was first released and by today’s gaming standards, it is practically ancient. Luckily, this next-gen remaster gives it the fresh lick of paint it needed.

Released in 2008, Far Cry 2 is the second mainline entry in the long-running Far Cry series by Ubisoft. The FPS title set in a fictional African country embroiled in a civil war follows a mercenary who is sent to eliminate the Jackal, a weapons dealer inciting the conflict.

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Featuring six mainline titles, multiple spin-offs and expansions, the Far Cry series has made quite a name for itself over the years and Far Cry 2 remains one of the best. However, with the game originally being released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, its graphics are in desperate need of some modernisation.

Luckily, Far Cry 2 Remastered is available for free over on Nexus Mods and does just that.

"Far Cry 2: New Dunia" is a massive overhaul for Far Cry 2. This includes bug fix, gameplay and graphical enhancements,” the official description reads.

Available for PC users on both GOG and Steam, this update adds 13 fixes including new and improved textures, better graphics and sound, better AI and more realistic gunplay.

Additionally, you can now initiate stealth kills with the machete as well as access faster vehicles, new weapons and even a friendly AI faction.

Last but not least, the player’s loadout has received some balancing and health will no longer be regenerated.

According to its creator, this overhaul is “just better” and I’m inclined to agree. With multiple fixes, improvements and new additions, Far Cry 2: New Dunia is guaranteed to bring Far Cry 2 into the modern era of gaming.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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