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Fans Think Blade Will Appear In 'Moon Knight', And With Good Reason

Fans Think Blade Will Appear In 'Moon Knight', And With Good Reason

We all know how Marvel loves a cameo.

Marvel have been firing out superhero themed TV shows of late, and while it's still early days, Moon Knight has been getting a positive reception from fans.

Oscar Isaac, who plays our titular character, styled the superhero’s everyday alter ego after notorious idiot abroad Karl Pilkington. The character seems to have gone over well with fans with Isaac copying Pilkington’s “sense of humour where you can’t tell if he knows he’s being funny.” However, there are other reasons why people are excited to tune in to more episodes.

If you want to see Isaac and fellow Moon Knight actor Ethan Hawke try out their British accents - with varying success - take a look at our video below.

An Easter egg was quickly spotted within one of the two episodes available via Disney+. QR codes which were peppered throughout the show lead to a downloadable digital copy of Werewolf By Night, the comic in which Moon Knight made his debut appearance. However, there was another free edition included in the episodes which was a little harder to find.

As spotted by twitter user Moon Knight-core, the same QR code had yet another Marvel comic hidden within. In one scene the code is reflected in a glass panel, however if you look closely it doesn’t appear to be the same code. The user reports that when they scanned the reflection it took them to a different comic.

This one was Tomb Of Dracula which featured the infamous vampire hunter Blade. This has made people think that Blade could be showing up in Moon Knight. The other fan theory is that it is simply promoting the Blade reboot which is reportedly in the works.

There is also speculation as to whether there will be a new comic given away in each episode, with Tomb Of Dracula just being the next in line. Whichever way it goes we’re going to have to watch more to find out.

Featured Image Credit: New Line Cinema / Disney / Marvel

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