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Fans Are Going Wild After Possible 'Titanfall 3' Leak Surfaces

Fans Are Going Wild After Possible 'Titanfall 3' Leak Surfaces

Despite working on three Star Wars games, Titanfall 3 might still be real.

This isn’t the first time there have been rumours that a new Titanfall game is in the works. However, it seems that it might be closer than we thought. 

Last year, publisher EA said that it isn’t opposed to a third Titanfall game depending on demand. Not long afterwards, insider Tom Henderson said that Titanfall 3 was indeed in the works for a reveal this year. Developer Respawn Entertainment then told fans that they “shouldn’t be waiting” for a new Titanfall, before going back and saying it’s “core to [Respawn’s] DNA”. 

You can watch the cinematic trailer for Titanfall 2 in the video below.

With no official announcement of a third game in the Titanfall franchise, fans' spirits were tempered when Respawn announced that it is currently developing three new Star Wars games. Believing that the studio would be busy with these projects, people slowly stopped discussing a third Titanfall. 

As spotted by Twitter user @Onion00048 though, one Gamestop in Nuremberg, Germany has opened up pre-orders for Titanfall 3, but there is no image or cover art. The sign translates to “Pre-order now” and has a game box with a black cover and the title. 

Apparently when you pre-order the game, the date it gives for release is Q4 2022, which roughly translates to the holiday period. This is still in no way official confirmation, and plenty of games have been available to pre-order which then never got released. However, this does give us hope that we could see a new release in the mech style first-person shooter series before the end of the year.

Fans are also curious what this means for the Star Wars games in the works, but it is likely that Titanfall 3 was deep in development before the work on the three Star Wars projects began.

Featured Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment

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