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Fallout drops surprise free download you can claim now

Fallout drops surprise free download you can claim now

Surprise Fallout is good Fallout

Bethesda is still riding the wave of popularity for the Fallout franchise since the Amazon Prime adaptation dropped earlier this year.

The Fallout games have received a lot of love as of late, pushing the RPGs to the top spot on Steam and console, as people jumped from the show to the source material.

You'll finally be able to play as a ghoul in the upcoming expansion to Fallout 76.

In light of this, Bethesda has released a free download for Fallout Shelter that brings a few of the TV show’s characters to your vaults.

The download is only available for mobile users and you will be able to find Chet, Norm, and Moldaver in lunchboxes.

If you play this week, you’ll be able to find Norm for free. A nice little treat from the Fallout Shelter developers.

Fallout Shelter is a strategy idle game that allows you to build your own underground vault shelter and improve it over time with new rooms, facilities, and NPCs.

It’s a fine balance of defending your vault, ensuring your dwellers are happy at all times, and collecting resources to improve the shelter over time.

With a distinct art style, Fallout Shelter is very different from its RPG counterparts but features a level of depth that is suited to mobile platforms.

The game is available on console and Steam also, however, these new downloads won’t appear on these platforms as yet. Hopefully, they too will be shown some love soon and feature the crossover characters.

Fans of the Amazon show will be thrilled to know that the second season is in development, though we don’t know a release window for it. One thing we do know, is that it will arrive before Fallout 5, which is coming but will follow The Elder Scrolls VI.

Bethesda is aware of the Fallout hype but can only move so fast, so for now we’ll have to play Fallout 4 again.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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