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Fallout meets Dune in massive open-world RPG you can play free now

Fallout meets Dune in massive open-world RPG you can play free now

The playtest is underway right now

A new PVPVE game is currently available to play for free if you sign up to the playtest today.

"In SAND players are thrust into desolate deserts of the fallen planet Sophie, embarking on a quest to uncover resources and treasures. To navigate this harsh terrain efficiently, players are provided with the ability to design and modify their own Trampler, a walking mech capable of traversing the islands that were once submerged beneath a vast sea. Your Trampler is your base," the official description of the game teases.

Interestingly, the game is set in the past, with the story being based in an "alternate history version of 1910".

"The Austro-Hungarian Empire led the way in conquering other planets, but a mysterious ecological disaster struck planet Sophie, forcing its settlers to hastily leave behind a once-resource-rich world. Motivated by desperation, the bravest and most impoverished individuals from the empire now journey to planet Sophie, seeking to test their fate, uncover hidden riches in the barren wastelands, and profoundly change their lives."

The actual game itself doesn't yet have a release date, though since the title is being published by tinyBuild, it's possible that we find out more about the game in the next month or so at one of the upcoming gaming reveal events. It's also worth noting that even if you do sign up for playtest, you might not get into it. It all depends on how many people developers Hologryph and TowerHaus are willing to actually let into the game, and how many people a server in the game can actually handle without suffering from severe performance issues.

What we do know, however, is that a full beta will be starting at some point this summer on Steam, meaning more people will be able to try the game, even if they don't manage to get into the currently ongoing playtest.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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