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Fallout 4 players find genius way to skip prologue and get stuck in, no mods needed

Fallout 4 players find genius way to skip prologue and get stuck in, no mods needed

Want to skip Fallout 4's prologue? Here's how

With the latest episodes of Bridgerton and The Boys having now arrived and with House of the Dragon right around the corner, Prime Video’s Fallout is no longer the talk of the streaming town.

If you haven’t yet delved into this glorious offering however, you most certainly still should. Fallout is enjoyable for both newcomers to the franchise and seasoned fans alike.

You’ll likely find yourself diving into a Fallout game immediately after, just so you can continue getting your fix.

In fact, in the days after the show premiered, Bethesda announced that they’d welcomed in over 5 million players across all Fallout games.

The vast majority chose Fallout 4, coinciding with the launch of its new-gen update, but Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 76 have both welcomed new players in too.

From next year, Fallout 76 fans will be able to play as a Ghoul - perfect for those of you who can’t let go of your Walton Goggins obsession. I won’t judge, I get it.

I digress though. Today I want to focus on Fallout 4 because if you’re planning on diving back in as a returning player, I want to share this handy tip that should save you some time.

We sat down with the cast of Fallout to play snog, marry, irradiate. Take a look at the video below.

If you’re replaying Fallout 4 and you want to skip the prologue without using mods, there is a way to do so, as brought to light by Steam user MJR.

It’s going to require some forward planning though.

After playing the intro, it’s recommended that you create a save right before the elevator that allows you to exit the Vault.

Title this save ‘New Game’ or something similar. Then, when you’re ready to begin a new game, you have the option there to load up this particular save file, skipping the prologue.

Of course, if you wanted to begin a new playthrough today and skip the prologue, you can’t.

Like I said, this technique requires forward planning but it’s probably worth creating such a save for future playthroughs.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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