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Fallout 4 free download adds brutal new mode only for the bravest among you

Fallout 4 free download adds brutal new mode only for the bravest among you

Surviving is about to get a lot harder

Taking place in a post-apocalyptic world, Fallout 4 is already full of danger, limited resources and people who want to kill you at every turn. However, this brutal new mode is about to make things a lot more difficult.

If you are feeling brave enough, Damn Apocalypse is an extensive free download for Fallout 4 which aims to add an “in-depth loot and economy overhaul, a module for power armor scarcity, a lightweight combat plugin and a radiation overhaul module.”

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Available to download for free on Nexus Mods, it is a passion product for its creators who originally wished to “fix the perceived shortcomings of all loot overhauls we currently have” in Fallout 4 but it wasn’t long before the project became a whole lot bigger.

First up, the team has added some improvements for the game’s loot system. For example, loot will now be location-aware, meaning that medical supplies can be mostly found in hospitals and ammunition in military bases.

Additionally, lockpicking will be more rewarding albeit a bit harder. However, locked containers will reward the player with high-quality loot despite the mod adding more overall trash to the game.

Power Armour will also be more lore-friendly and certain suits, such as the Raider Power Armour, will be found in raider camps. Additionally, six newly crafted suits will be spread across six unique locations in the game. Just keep an eye out for crashed vertibirds.

To add even more danger to the game, the radiation effect has also had an overhaul with it now coming in two different ways. Not only that but contracting RADs will also result in radiation poisoning “that mimic Acute Radiation Poisoning Syndrome” for a much more realistic feel.

There are also adjustments to health, firearm damage, radiation medicine, animal loot and a whole lot more in the free mod so don’t miss out if you want to add an extra layer of difficulty to your Fallout 4 save.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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