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Questionable 'Fall Guys' Rip-Off Tops iPhone App Charts, Has 18 Million Players

Questionable 'Fall Guys' Rip-Off Tops iPhone App Charts, Has 18 Million Players

Fall Guys may be experiencing playerbase record highs, but so is Stumble Guys.

There’s somewhat of a bean renaissance happening right now. I’ve seen it with my own eyes, rippling through the GAMINGbible team. In case you missed it, Fall Guys recently went free-to-play and more people are playing the game than ever before.

Within the first two days of relaunch, Fall Guys amassed over 20 million players and in just two weeks, that number grew to a whopping 50 million stumblechums. What you may not know is that there is also an 18 million strong crowd of counterfeit beans as a Fall Guys rip-off has hopped into the mobile gaming scene.

Check out the trailer for Stumble Guys below.

Stumble Guys is topping the UK iPhone app charts, and I can’t believe this game is allowed to exist. Kitka Games’ battle royale sees players compete in a number of knockout-style rounds in a bid to win a golden crown. Sound familiar? I’ll be honest, I got a good laugh out of watching the trailer.

Stumble Guys does appear to bring a tiny smattering of original ideas to the table - I don’t recognise that water slide round - but the vast majority of levels are complete rip-offs. Fans of Fall Guys will instantly pick out Hex-A-Gon, Whirlygig, and Tundra Run replicas from the trailer. Even the elimination screen is heavily inspired by Fall Guys’ signature style.

It turns out, Stumble Guys has been around for a while but I guess with Fall Guys gaining so much traction as of late, mobile gamers have been seeking out a substitute leading to a spike in downloads. According to, Stumble Guys is currently getting around 1.5 million downloads a day.

In June, Stumble Guys reportedly earned $6.6 million in revenue. Fall Guys isn’t currently available on mobile devices but if you search Fall Guys on Apple and Google’s stores, Stumble Guys will top the list of available apps. Very opportunistic. I’m interested to know what Mediatonic and Epic Games think about all this.

Featured Image Credit: Epic Games, Kitka Games

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