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I played Fall Guys rip offs so you don't have to

I played Fall Guys rip offs so you don't have to

There's a whole world of Fall Guys clones out there, and I gave four of them a test run.

It’s no secret amongst my peers that I’m a big fan of Fall Guys. In fact, I sneak Fall Guys content onto GAMINGbible at any given opportunity and recently took a deep dive into the game’s cursed bean lore, which you can check out if you are also interested in the dark side of the Blunderdome. Did you know that Fall Guys lay eggs? The real question is: From where? A horrid thought, I know.

I digress. Recently, I was introduced to Stumble Guys which is exactly what it sounds like, a Fall Guys rip off. Upon googling Stumble Guys, I discovered that there’s a whole world of Fall Guys clones out there so I decided to do some real investigative journalism, trying them out for myself. So, here are four free Fall Guys rip offs tested out by a Fall Guys fan.

Fall Guys requires both luck and skill. These beans had plenty of luck on their side. Check out some very close calls below.


I’ll start off with the only PC entry on this list. Let me introduce you to the free browser game LOLbeans. I’ll preface by saying that I’m not much of a PC gamer so attempting to play a bean battle royale without an analogue stick proved to be very difficult indeed. LOLbeans isn’t shy about the fact that it’s copying Fall Guys, but it’s not absent of originality. There are some fun levels here that are unlike anything in Fall Guys.

I particularly enjoyed ‘Devil’s Trick’ which looks impossible upon first glance but you soon realise that gravity changes as you progress through the course, allowing you to pass through areas that previously appeared to be inverted. It’ll probably take you some time to get used to the rudimentary controls but once you have, LOLbeans is a fun way to while away five minutes here and there if you need a study break or such like. No log on or sign up is required so simply fire up the website and you’re good to go.

Stumble Guys

Let’s head over to the world of mobile gaming now for Stumble Guys, the game which started this strange quest. I’ll admit, I haven’t stopped playing Stumble Guys since I discovered it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s no Fall Guys, but it is fun - and considering you can load up a match in about 20 seconds, it’s easy to fit in a quick round when you’re chilling on your phone. This time around, you don’t play as beans. You play as, well, guys.

There is a progression path, although most of this is blocked behind a paywall, but you mainly unlock outfits. I unlocked a few free outfits but to be honest, I didn’t really care (which is very much the opposite of how I feel when it comes to Fall Guys). Again, there are plenty of original levels here. I particularly enjoyed ‘Capture The Flag’ and ‘Super Slide,’ the latter being a giant water slide. The slippiest slider takes the crown.

That being said, there are plenty of recreated levels though too. ‘Icy Heights’ is clearly inspired by Fall Guys’ ‘Tundra Run.’ To play Stumble Guys, you have a virtual analogue stick on the screen, plus a jump button. It works well enough. My movement through the levels was rough at times, but it sort of added to the chaos.

My main gripe with Stumble Guys is that I notice there are so many levels I’ve yet to experience, and I’ve been playing this game quite a lot. I’m not sure if it’s because of my lack of skill, because I don’t have the season pass, or whether it’s just pure bad luck that I keep getting the same line-up. Stumble Guys is fun enough that I’ll keep playing despite it though.

Stumble Guys /
Kitka Games

Run Royale

Run Royale is another mobile app - and it’s probably the worst of the bunch. You play as a running round blob with eyes - essentially a Fall Guy but spherical and without the white face. Unlike Stumble Guys, Run Royale is played vertically on your phone. You simply work your way through a single course and instead of qualifying, you just end up with a ranking.

There’s also no jump button. Instead, there are blue zones on the floor that act as mini trampolines, allowing you to jump over any necessary obstacles. I’ve had a few attempts at Run Royale, earning a couple of first places. The problem is, it’s not particularly a game that offers much variety or progression. After a few attempts, I began to tire and when I returned to the game, I was quickly reminded of its repetitive formula. Run Royale is enjoyable in 30 second bursts but this one certainly is no threat to Fall Guys.

Run Guys

I finished up with Run Guys, yet another mobile app. Run Royale may be the worst of the bunch but Run Guys is the most forgettable. Like Run Royale, this game is played vertically but it does include a jump button. The beans look exactly like Fall Guys, complete with adorable costumes, and the level designs (you guessed it) are very reminiscent of those seen in Fall Guys’ first season. In fact, I just loaded up the app right now only to be entered into a copy of Fall Guys’ ‘Slime Climb.’

Unlike Fall Guys, Run Guys lacks checkpoints and is pretty difficult to navigate so if you do get yeeted off the course, you’ll be placed back on the start line. To be honest, this made me want to quit because you just know there’s no chance you’re going to qualify. It’s also worth noting that each playthrough costs 20 coins and eventually, you’ll run out of the free supply initially provided. It’s certainly not a game I’d recommend - which brings us to the end of this very odd little bean journey.

This experiment has taught me that there’s no replacing my beloved Fall Guys but if you do want to waste two minutes here and there while you’re on the go, Stumble Guys is a decent mobile game. That being said, I’m heading back to the one and only Blunderdome. The real beans remain unbeaten.

Featured Image Credit: Kitka Games, Big Boss Dolphin

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