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Europe Better Than USA At Completing Games, Says Sony

Europe Better Than USA At Completing Games, Says Sony

Sony's Kenjo Akiyama has revealed some interesting stats about PlayStation trophies, and which regions are the most likely to earn them.

PlayStation’s trophy system is great. Beyond the oh-so-satisfying notifications popping up in the corner of the screen to tell you, ‘hey, you did something cool’, they also provide a way to compare game progress with your friends, and determine just how dedicated players are to their favourite titles. What’s that? You don’t have a Platinum trophy for Bugsnax? Fake fan.

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As reported by VGC, during last week’s game developer conference, CEDEC 2022, Kenjo Akiyama, Sony’s head of the Tokyo Global Developer Technology Department, revealed some super interesting stats about trophies, and the people grabbing the most of them. 

According to his figures, in Japan, players are more likely to have a higher level of trophy completion per game, which implies that they often spend a lot of time on each title before playing something else. However, in terms of Platinum trophies, it’s actually players in Europe and Asia (excluding Japan) who are the most likely to have obtained them - people in the US were the least likely, with Japanese players following not too far after.

That said, Akiyama added that Japanese and Asian players seemed to be more likely to earn Platinum trophies in difficult games than those in Europe and the US, which suggests that they might be more tenacious, and less likely to give up when faced with a challenge.

So, how about that? That said, regardless of region, there’s one game out there that no one is going to be able to legitimately 100% complete for over nine years - that’s bound to be seriously annoying some completionists right now.

Featured Image Credit: Kateryna Hliznitsova via Unsplash, Sony

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