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Esports CEO Steps Down After Controversial Party With Andrew Tate

Esports CEO Steps Down After Controversial Party With Andrew Tate

So, things could have been handled with a little more grace.

Carlos Rodriguez, the ex-CEO of G2 Esports, stepped down following a controversial series of events sparked by a video of himself partying with Andrew Tate.

Given that Tate is banned from almost every social media site for his objectionable comments like sexual assault victims should feel some responsibility for what happened to them and that he would never administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation to a man suffering a heart attack because that would be "gay," it should have been obvious how the video would be received. I mean, professional World of Warcraft player Maldiva lost out on the Dragonflight beta when he defended Tate's views in a rant on Twitter.

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Consequences started to show when G2 Esports was removed from Riot Games' official list of partners for 2023 with no acknowledgement of its omission. Rodriguez then stood his ground over the controversial video, announcing that he could party "with whoever the f*ck I want," essentially dousing the events in petrol and dropping a match onto the mess. G2 Esports staff took to Twitter to express their dismay, with one saying that the apparent conflict created "the worst 4 days of my working career."

Incredibly, things got even worse when Rodriguez apologised and the news broke that the CEO would be taking a two-month unpaid suspension. You see, his apology didn't seem very sincere when he was liking Tweets in support of Tate. On Friday evening, G2 Esports stated that Rodriguez is no longer with the organisation and that it is firmly against "any form of misogyny."

"I know it might be a shocker for many of you, or most of you, and trust me this is a very hard ending to what has otherwise been a very deeply meaningful and joyful experience," said Rodriguez in his final statement on the subject. "I take full responsibility over everything that went on over the last few days. And again, trust me when I say I just feel fucking destroyed about it." What a whirlwind of events.

Featured Image Credit: G2 Esports, Carlos Rodriguez via Twitter

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