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Elden Ring update breaks game just in time for DLC

Elden Ring update breaks game just in time for DLC

Oops, that's not ideal

It is official! Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree expansion is finally out worldwide and players are psyching themselves up to head back into the FromSoftware title and get their butts kicked.

However, it may not be that simple after an update rolled out ahead of Shadow of the Erdtree’s release quite literally broke the game for some players.

Check out the official launch trailer for Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree below!

Update 1.12 arrived just a few hours before the release of Elden Ring’s long-awaited expansion and aimed to address various gameplay changes including PvP weapon balancing and quality of life updates.

The free download went fairly smoothly for most players but it wasn’t long before Steam Deck users were complaining that the update had a pretty major game-breaking bug.

The bug causes the Steam Deck to accept no input if Elden Ring is less inactive for more than five minutes without any action from the user.

However, FromSoftware has already acknowledged the bug and is working on a hotfix to address the issue.

On its official Twitter post, an update read: "A Steam Deck-related issue has been identified and a hotfix is being worked on. Leaving your Steam Deck inactive for more than 5 minutes may stop the game from accepting inputs.

We apologize for the inconvenience.”

FromSoftware went on to announce that a date for the release for the hotfix will be revealed soon. In the meantime, Steam Deck users will have to shut down Elden Ring if they plan on being inactive for more than five minutes.

As for Shadow of the Erdtree, it has already gone on to become the highest rated expansion of all time. Pretty impressive, huh?

In our review, we said: “Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree is a fitting conclusion to FromSoftware’s biggest, and most-successful title to date.

It guides the player by the hand into a brand-new world of mystery and intrigue, treats them to some of the most memorable fights in the series, and rounds things off the only way FromSoftware knows how, leaving you wondering what the hell just happened.”

Featured Image Credit: FromSoftware

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