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'Elden Ring' Streamer Reaches Final Boss Of No-Hit Run, Internet Cuts Out

'Elden Ring' Streamer Reaches Final Boss Of No-Hit Run, Internet Cuts Out

All that stood between LilAggy and a perfect no-hit run was the Elden Beast, oh and an internet outage.

In the three months that Elden Ring has been out, we’ve seen some ridiculous feats. One speedrunner recently defeated Elden Ring’s bosses whilst blindfolded, and iconic legend Let Me Solo Her has now bested Malenia for the thousandth time. Meanwhile, I’m struggling to defeat her even once but that’s a completely different story.

Twitch streamer LilAggy is one of those players proving that nothing is impossible, so they keep saying anyway - all of these speedruns sure look impossible to me. The streamer previously defeated all 165 of Elden Ring’s bosses in just eight hours, seriously. You’d think that the streamer had done enough to earn himself a spot in the Elden Ring hall of fame but alas, here we are.

Speaking of unusual achievements, this Elden Ring player defeated the game's bosses using a dance mat. Don't believe me? Take a look below.

LilAggy attempted to complete a no-hit run of Elden Ring. It’s a feat that was completed for the first time back in April but it’s no easy undertaking. Unfortunately, things didn’t go exactly to plan as LilAggy’s internet decided to cut out during the final boss fight. That is some almighty bad luck.

Taking to Twitter, LilAggy understandably shared his complete and utter devastation. He said, “I just got to the final boss of Elden Ring with zero hits taken and my internet cuts out WTF.” Oof. That’s got to hurt.

Well, things only got worse. LilAggy got the internet back up and running and hyped himself up for his final battle against the Elden Beast. Tragically, LilAggy took two hits during the fight so internet outage or no internet outage, the no-hit run just wasn’t meant to be. Falling at the final hurdle though? That’s tough to take.

Seeing how LilAggy has set about beating his speedruns before, I wouldn’t be surprised if he completed a no-hit run very, very soon. Maybe the internet outage threw him off his game. I guess we’ll have to watch this space.

Featured Image Credit: Meme, Bandai Namco

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