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'Elden Ring' Speedrunner Beats Bosses Blindfolded In Unreal Display

'Elden Ring' Speedrunner Beats Bosses Blindfolded In Unreal Display

Just when you thought Elden Ring couldn't get any harder, one player has been taking out the bosses without even looking.

Where do we even begin here? Over the past couple of months since Elden Ring’s release, we’ve seen it all - from speedrun records faster than the time it’d take you to make some instant noodles, to beating the game using a dance mat as the controller, players have managed to take what’s already a very difficult game and add even more challenge to the mix. Because that’s what it was lacking, apparently (I’m 10 hours in and struggling greatly, don’t talk to me).

Well, just when you thought people couldn’t push the limits any further, behold. As reported by Kotaku, one player has been making it his mission to take down the game’s toughest bosses, all while completely blindfolded. Yes, really. 

I wasn't joking about beating the game with a dance mat, by the way - check it out below.

This ridiculously talented individual goes by the name of star0chris, and he has a whole playlist building up on YouTube of his feats. From Fire Giant to Starscourge Radahn, he’s managed to destroy some really difficult enemies that many players would have difficulty with even with all their senses fully intact. Just to add some extra spice, he also bans the use of summons and any ranged attacks in all his attempts. 

“This is the first game I have tried to do anything blindfolded in so it was a big learning experience at first, but after the first boss or two I got the hang of the process,” star0chris told Kotaku. “Usually, when I start on a new boss, I’ll try things out against it without the blindfold to see how things go for about 10 minutes at most. After that, I usually just jump straight into blindfolded attempts as I found it easier to learn things from just the audio cues - and sometimes trying to visualise a scenario can backfire as opposed to just having the audio to go off of. In the first few attempts of blindfolded fights, though, I will go back and watch the replay if needed to better understand how things played out.”

Although he’s already demolished “about 70%” of the main bosses dwelling in the Lands Between, he’s not stopping yet - he’s planning on taking on the notoriously difficult Malenia. The iconic redhead might be no trouble at all if you have a legendary player like ‘Let me solo her’ on your side, but star0chris’s ‘no summons’ rule means he’s got to do the whole thing alone. Good luck, soldier. 

Featured Image Credit: FromSoftware, Bandai Namco, star0chris via YouTube

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