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Gloriously OP 'Elden Ring' Build Requires The Player To Be Totally Naked

Gloriously OP 'Elden Ring' Build Requires The Player To Be Totally Naked

One Elden Ring player has discovered an incredibly powerful build, and it requires you to be in your birthday suit.

How are we all finding Elden Ring so far then? Slept at all since its release? Given up from the difficulty yet? You can beat that tree reader, I believe in you.

In our review, our very own Ewan Moore said that “the ambitious open-world successor to the Dark Souls series is maddeningly punishing, impossibly vast, and endlessly rewarding”, and that it’s also “FromSoftware’s best game to date; a modern masterpiece that will surely go down as one of the greats.” Needless to say, it’s quite good. But with that level of difficulty, and as you’d expect from any Souls game, players are having to adapt and learn strategies to take on the oh-so-tricky bosses that populate the Lands Between. Turns out that one of those strategies is stripping naked.

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Yup, you’re reading that right. As reported by ScreenRant, one Elden Ring player has managed to take the term “glass cannon” to the next level with this unique build. After taking down a boss, penguinz0 got his hands on a rare drop, the Blue Dancer’s Charm, which makes the player’s attack higher when they have a lower equipment load. I’m sure you can see where this is going now.

The streamer quickly realised that by simply removing all his armour, he could totally max out his damage from the charm, and it’s rather effective. Although he was left defenceless, and could easily be taken out in basically a single hit, he was able to deal hundreds of damage per hit with his sword, which certainly balances out the risk.

Other players in the comments section were understandably amused: “Imagine surviving in the wilds of Elden Ring, and becoming a monstrosity that defeats every opponent that faces you, only to get killed by James Corden with Wolverine claws in his birthday suit,” wrote Caleb Robbins. 

Some also pointed out how handy a tactic this might be for speedrunners going forward: “So when people start no-hit speedruns in Elden Ring, this might actually be the best option because you literally can’t take a hit. You’ll just get one tapped,” commented Just Some Guy without a Mustache. 

It seems players are going to have to take on strategies like these if they want to get through everything the game has to offer, anyway, as FromSoftware have basically said that they won’t be offering an easy mode. Fair enough. That said, if you need any help, be sure to check out some of our tips here

Featured Image Credit: FromSoftware, Bandai Namco

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