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Ebay Seller Has Nearly Every Console Ever For Fairly Reasonable Price

Ebay Seller Has Nearly Every Console Ever For Fairly Reasonable Price

This incredible eBay listing includes 2,400 gaming consoles plus a ton of games and collectibles.

Gaming is not a cheap hobby. In fact, a recent study found that US gamers spend around $58,000 (£48,950) on the hobby during their lifetime. It’s not all about new releases though. There are plenty of great second-hand finds to be had and this latest eBay listing might just be one of the coolest things I’ve seen.

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As spotted by Kotaku, one eBay user based in France has decided to sell their entire gaming collection - and I can guarantee this’ll top yours. The listing includes 2,400 different consoles (including both standard and special editions, plus some that were never officially available for sale), a selection of games, and some statues and collectibles.

You may be thinking, ‘That sounds expensive,’ and you’d be right. The listing is currently available for a buy it now price of €984,000, which is almost equal to $1 million. I think it’s fair to say that for most of us, that price will forever remain far out of reach but for the right enthusiast, I’m sure the collection will soon be snatched up.

Kotaku reported that the seller began their collection back in the early 90s but later sold much of their 90s memorabilia at the onset of the 2000s. They then took another break from collecting in 2011 until a 2018 trip to Japan reignited their love. There are some absolute gems to be found in the photos so why not treat yourself to a peruse. A bit of window shopping is fun from time to time.

Featured Image Credit: Kaori30 via eBay

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