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Earn £20k To Work As An NPC In A Video Game

Earn £20k To Work As An NPC In A Video Game

On the lookout for a new job? You could become an NPC, complete with a salary of £20,000.

We’d be nowhere without good ol’ trusty NPCs. Whether it’s making a passing comment about the weather or setting us off on a daring side quest, NPCs fill our favourite video game worlds with life.

Good people of the internet, you could soon make history. What if I told you that recruitment was underway for the world’s first ever real life NPC? Seriously, you could be paid £20,000 to appear as a video game NPC.

One guy decided to try his hand at being an NPC. The result is hilarious. Take a look down below.

Dovetail Live are teaming up with Pringles to hire an NPC for their upcoming game Train Sim World 2. Unsurprisingly, the game is a train simulator and the NPC in question will be tasked with keeping vending machines fully stocked with Pringles.

I swear, this is actually real. The lucky winning candidate will be turned into an in-game NPC, giving virtual commuters and travellers their Pringles fix. It’s a pretty sweet job because whilst you get paid £20,000, it’ll be your virtual self doing all the hard work. You can lie back and put your feet up.

Iain Stirling, the voice of Love Island, is helping Dovetail Live and Pringles to find the perfect NPC. Speaking about the opportunity, he said, “We now live in a world where you can get paid to work in a video game as a Pringles vending machine re-filler NPC. My new role is to encourage people to get involved, be creative, and apply for this once in a lifetime role. It's important to plan and prepare for the role of a lifetime and I am hoping my matchmaking wit inspires people to get involved. I am devastated I can't apply.”

If you’re interested (and let’s be real, who wouldn’t be?), you can find more information on the Pringles website. Welcome to the future, I guess.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games, 20th Century Fox

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