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EA Is Teasing Another Major Remake After 'Dead Space'

EA Is Teasing Another Major Remake After 'Dead Space'

On top of the upcoming Dead Space remake, EA appear to be bringing back another major title - and it's set to release very soon.

Remakes are coming thick and fast right now. Whilst some are very much welcomed (like Electronic Arts’ upcoming Dead Space remake), others like Naughty Dog’s rumoured The Last of Us remake call into question what actually makes a game deserving or in need of the remake treatment.

It’s almost been a year since EA officially announced a remake of 2008’s acclaimed survival horror Dead Space. It may be early days for the project, but we already know the game’s original developers are on-board as consultants so our hopes and expectations are through the roof. As if that wasn’t enough excitement to handle, EA seem to be hiding another remake up their sleeve.

In case you missed it, check out the incredible reveal trailer for the Dead Space remake below.

During a recent internal presentation, EA announced their upcoming release plans for 2022 and 2023. The leaked presentation confirms much of what we already know for this financial year, including the release of F1 2022 in Q1, new FIFA and Madden NFL entries in Q2, and Need For Speed and NHL entries in Q3.

Q4, which runs from January to March 2023, is where things start to get interesting. According to the presentation, the period will see the release of PJA Tour alongside a major IP, a partner title, a remake, and a sports title. Very mysterious.

The announced Dead Space remake may immediately spring to mind but it’s worth noting that the footnotes of the slide read, “We have four titles scheduled in Q4:FY23 that have not yet been publicly disclosed,” which begs the question, what could the remake be as Dead Space has certainly already been officially announced.

It’s hard to say at this stage as there really are heaps of options. The Battlefield franchise is on its knees. Maybe EA will revisit an earlier instalment in the hopes of saving the franchise. Personally, I’d love to see SimCity or Theme Park World back again for pure nostalgia but I can’t see that happening. 2023 isn’t as far away as you think so an official announcement could be on the cards soon.

Featured Image Credit: Electronic Arts

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