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EA Sports has predicted four World Cup winners in a row

EA Sports has predicted four World Cup winners in a row

But, there were a few errors.

FIFA 23's World Cup Kick-Off and Tournament modes correctly predicted that Argentina would be the winners of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, just like it correctly predicted the winners for the 2010, 2014 and 2018 tournaments.

Sunday's game was not just a nail-biting finale but a showcase in the very best football that the two teams had been training towards for the past four years. After drawing 3-3 with France, Argentina defeated them on penalties and were awarded their third World Cup after a three decade drought since their wins in 1978 and 1986. Captain Lionel Messi lifted the trophy while wearing a bisht which has been viewed as a controversial choice owing to the tragedies that have come out of the Qatar World Cup, like the human rights violations, treatment of migrant workers on the stadium, and oppression of LGBT individuals.

While the video game's calculations were able to accurately conclude that Argentina would win, Messi would get the Golden Ball and Emiliano Martínez would be awarded the Golden Glove, it didn't account for Brazil's unexpectedly early exit from the tournament, and it didn't say that Kylian Mbappé would earn the title of top scorer. Mbappé won the Golden Boot and definitely deserved it for the shift he put in for France, becoming the first player to score a hat-trick in a World Cup final since England's Sir Geoff Hurst in 1966.

Still, it did well with its predictions on the back of a reliable track record. It's sort of funny, really, seeing this when we know that Electronic Arts no longer has the official license to make FIFA games. "The FIFA name is the only global, original title. FIFA 23, FIFA 24, FIFA 25 and FIFA 26, and so on - the constant is the FIFA name and it will remain forever and remain the best," said FIFA president Gianni Infantino of the change. Sure.

Featured Image Credit: Electronic Arts

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