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EA removes game from sale, much to the surprise of players

EA removes game from sale, much to the surprise of players

Without much warning, another game is delisted

Yikes. We’re sorry to say that if you haven’t already purchased a digital copy of this game, you won’t ever be able to again because EA has suddenly pulled it from sale without much warning. Naturally, fans were surprised to learn of the decision.

No matter what console you’re on – PlayStation or Xbox – or if you’re a PC gamer through and through, you won’t see an option to purchase Rocket Arena. At least not digitally, that is. Obviously, if you already have the game, or decide to purchase a physical copy in the near future, you’re fine – but the digital version for sale has gone.

At least we can play other EA titles, like Star Wars Jedi: Survivor!

As far as delisting games go, it’s becoming an increasingly common occurrence as publishers struggle to justify the means of keeping servers alive that don’t yield enough revenue for them. Financially, if you’ve only got a small group of players who keep returning for new content, soon updating said content becomes unfeasible; it’s the way of business.

However, what makes this move by EA so unusual is the hush-hush approach to its announcement. Although some outlets have reported there was no announcement, technically there was, albeit on an easily missed post via the EA website. Moreover, the announcement made was that the game would stop being available on subscription services, such as PS Plus or Game Pass, and not that it was being shut down completely.

Even though Rocket Arena wasn’t an earth-shatteringly impressive game, it was entertaining enough for its players – “This game is actually good. Rocket Arena is actually a very unique experience of casual game, it's basically a game of rocket jumping that is already interesting enough,” said one fan in a Google review about the 3v3 shooter. No, it was never a contender for GOTY, but the fact that it’s been shut down without so much as a decent goodbye seems incredibly cruel.

It also makes seeing impassioned fan posts all the more painful, “First of all I want to say that I absolutely love this game and I want to see it succeed and shine,” shared one player. “I want to see it show its full potential, but sadly many things are against the game and against us, [the] people playing the game.”

Featured Image Credit: EA, Paramount Global

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