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EA pulls gamers paid content for 'unlisted reason' leaving many furious and confused

EA pulls gamers paid content for 'unlisted reason' leaving many furious and confused

This week saw a scary discovery for EA fans

We all know that video games in this day and age are pretty damn expensive. So when you’re able to afford the luxury of buying one, you would expect to keep it.

However, the past week has seen multiple Electronic Arts games pulled from players' libraries despite the titles being owned by them. As a result, games such as The Sims 4, Battlefield 4 and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor to name a few have disappeared without warning and players have been left understandably worried.

The Sims 4 was one of the affected games this week.

The mysterious disappearances started on May 22 when many players took to Twitter to share their discoveries. One said: "Games have been removed from your library. For an unlisted reason. Excuse me wtf EA?"

One user over on r/thesims also shared screen capture of all of their The Sims 4 content being removed for an “unlisted reason”. As a The Sims fan myself, I can only imagine how much money this would have equalled to so the uproar that ensued was wholly justified.

As a result, players were quick to contact EA’s customer support and many received a reply that read: “Here I would like to inform you that from today onwards we are handling most of the cases regarding the same issue and it is already notified to us from our dedicated team that this is a very short term issue. Players will not lose anything and this will be under investigation and will be resolved soon. So rest assured that this will be resolved very soon.”

Later on on May 22, EA took to its official Twitter account to say: “We fixed the issue with EA services on PC. Log out and log back in to access your games. Thanks for sticking with us!”

However, some players still reported not having access to their purchased games.

It’s a scary situation, especially when some player’s collections cost hundreds of pounds. However, it is at least reassuring to see that it was a mistake and is being rectified.

Featured Image Credit: Electronic Arts

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