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EA announce name change in major industry shake-up

EA announce name change in major industry shake-up

Electronic Arts is undergoing some major internal restructuring, and EA Games is getting a new name.

Electronic Arts has decided to spice things up internally, as it’s announced a bunch of restructuring efforts that are going on within the company, including a name change for EA Games itself.

As IGN reports, EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed that the leadership structure and realignment of its major studios is happening in order to “empower our creative teams”. Notably, as well as EA Games getting a new name, it’s going to be split from EA Sports.

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“We’re building the future of interactive entertainment on a foundation of legendary franchises and innovative new experiences, which represents massive opportunities for growth,” Wilson said. So, what’s EA Games’ new name going to be? Drum roll, please. It’s… EA Entertainment, which admittedly isn’t drastically different, but then again, what did we expect? It will continue to include EA’s Seattle studio, BioWare, EA Originals, DICE, Respawn Entertainment, Ripple Effect, Motive Studio, Ridgeline Games and Full Circle.

Meanwhile, EA Sports will continue to work on exactly what you’d expect - EA Sports FC, PGA Tour, Madden, NHL and the F1 series, as well as Super Mega Baseball and the reboot of College Football.

Laura Miele, who’s served as chief operating officer up to this point, will become the president of entertainment, technology, and central development at EA Entertainment. Chris Bruzzo, EA’s chief experience officer, and Chris Suh, EA’s chief financial officer, are both leaving the company, with the former retiring. Their roles will be filled by David Tinson and Stuart Canfield. Cam Weber will continue to lead EA Sports.

While these changes might not sound like much, the idea is that the studio leaders will have more control over their parts of the company. Wilson stated: “Over the coming months, Stuart, Laura, Cam, and David will partner closely with studio leaders to implement these organisational changes, further embedding dedicated capabilities into franchise teams and driving operational rigour.”

Whether this will have any impact on the quality of EA’s video game releases remains to be seen - we’ll just have to watch this space.

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