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'Dying Light 2' Lays Out Five Months Of Its Five Year DLC Road Map

'Dying Light 2' Lays Out Five Months Of Its Five Year DLC Road Map

'Dying Light 2 Stay Human' has promised over 500 hours of content for completionists and is now promising five years worth of added content.

Techland, the developers behind Dying Light 2 Stay Human, released a road map yesterday (25 January) showing five months of content for its promised minimum of five years of support. This is on top of the 500 hours of entertainment promised by the developers. Players were initially lead to believe this was just for the main story campaign, but were later assured it was only for those who wish to finish the game with 100% completion.

The road map shows one pack of additional content per month, with four free and one paid DLC pack. The road map does not outline what will be coming with each DLC pack, though the image does provide some context. Scheduled to release 4 February on all consoles, except Nintendo Switch, the first DLC is Faction-inspired free DLC which appears to include costumes and weapons.

Interested in what some of Dying Light 2's 500 hours will have to offer? You can check out some of its gameplay in the video below.

March treats us to our first set of challenges, while in April there will be a series of events featuring mutated infected enemies, seemingly a new enemy type. Both of these will be free to players, alongside the second set of challenges which will come in May.

The biggest DLC announced on the road map was the first paid DLC which is planned for release in June. This will allow players to expand on Dying Light 2's main storyline, though as that is yet to be released little is still known about it.

Alongside the outline for the next five months, Techland have also revealed other planned additional content including new weapons, enemies, stories and events as well as a second paid story-based DLC.

Without the sequel to Dying Light even being released yet, all these promises are a big gamble for Techland, who are clearly confident in its product. The game will have to see a dedicated player base built in the opening months in hopes that enough people will still remain active in five years time.

Featured Image Credit: Techland

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