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Dragon Age: Dreadwolf in-game cutscene sets up game's big bad

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf in-game cutscene sets up game's big bad

With a refresher of Solas' motivations to destroy the world of Thedas in its current form. Cheery.

We've got our first glimpse of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf through an in-game cinematic dropped by BioWare, and yes, I'm still annoyed with Solas.

Anyone who romanced Solas, I advise you head out now before I drag this man and eradicate whatever redeeming qualities he might have. At the end of the Dragon Age: Inquisition Trespasser DLC, the player finds out that Solas isn't who he said he was in the slightest. He's an astonishingly powerful elven mage previously revered as a god and his goal this whole time was to destroy the Veil and bring his race back to their former power.

Seeing that the elves of Thedas have been subjugated for centuries, I'd be on board. Let's rewind for a second though. Why were the elves suddenly stripped of their magical power, Solas? How did that happen?

I don't know why you would defend this man ever and he looks like he would identify as a “sapiosexual” so I am looking forward to handing his ass to him in Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. Check out the latest trailer below:

Again, Varric is narrating the trailer- actually you know what is another crime? Not being able to romance that rogue. Anyway, the storyteller is retelling the transformation that Solas underwent from a false idol, to an anarchist, to a cardigan-toting loser. Honestly, even if I only get to stick out my leg and trip that guy up and that's all BioWare can spare for me, it will be so satisfying.

In October, the developer announced that the game has passed its alpha stage, so it's now totally playable from start to finish. "There’s more work to be done," qualified general manager Gary McKay, adding that the priority is now extensive internal playtesting and iterations. "We also want to continue being transparent with you, our community, and keep you up to date on what we’re crafting. Hopefully you’ve been enjoying our development updates on Dreadwolf this year as we’ll be looking to share more in the future."

Featured Image Credit: Electronic Arts

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