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'Dragon Age 4' Is Coming Sooner Than Expected And In "Good Shape"

'Dragon Age 4' Is Coming Sooner Than Expected And In "Good Shape"

Industry insider Jeff Grubb has claimed that the development of Dragon Age 4 is coming on well and we could see a 2023 release.

When Dragon Age 4 was first teased during The Game Awards 2018 people lost their collective minds. The game allegedly started development in 2015, one year after its predecessor, and yet not too many concrete details have been released since. Last year more snippets of information started coming out of the paper mill. We first heard in February, that despite publisher EA's best efforts, developer Bioware was finally allowed to scrap the idea of adding multiplayer into the game.

The team reiterated again later in the year, that the long awaited sequel was definitely going to be a single player story. Job listings spotted for developers to add to the Dragon Age team, hinted that it was being developed for and would only release on the latest generation of consoles. Then Giant Bomb's Jeff Grubb further announced that more info on the latest sequel was coming in 2022, with a potential release window of 2023.

Eager to catch a glimpse of the next Dragon Age game, you can check out the trailer in the video below.

Now, Grubb is back at it again on his show GrubbSnax which has been transcripted by VGC. In his show Grubb confirms his previously stated release window as "at least 18 months out from today, so not early 2023, maybe late 2023." In terms of how development is going it seemed that there were no issues and everything is going to plan.

“That brings us to Dragon Age 4, which I’ve heard is in very good shape. - Overall, when they look at where they’re supposed to be at [in development], they are hitting their milestones and where they’re supposed to be, and the game is on schedule.”

Aside from the teaser trailer shown at the announcement, the first and last we've seen from Dragon Age 4, was a cinematic trailer shown at The Game Awards 2020. However, if Grubb is to be believed we may see a little more this year. 

Featured Image Credit: Bioware

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