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'Destiny 2' Devs Say They’re Not Listening To Toxic Fanbase On Purpose

'Destiny 2' Devs Say They’re Not Listening To Toxic Fanbase On Purpose

Bungie has finally explained its social media silence, following a series of threats made towards its staff.

Destiny 2 developer Bungie has had a rough time as of late with a toxic portion of the franchise’s fanbase. Just last week, Bungie filed a lawsuit against one Destiny 2 player for cheating, evading bans, and making threats against Bungie and its employees.

Player Luca Leone tweeted that he wished to “burn down” Bungie’s office, amongst other threats. In recent days, fans noticed that Bungie were much less active online, particularly in regards to responding to fans on social media. Fans speculated that this was likely over the harassment and threats, and now Bungie have confirmed that that’s exactly the case.

Bungie Reddit community manager Dmg04 revealed to the fanbase that the developers’ choice to distance themselves was a direct response to the recent threats. Dmg04 wrote, “Here’s the thing, the harassment we’ve spoken to isn’t just rude replies on twitter or vague comments. There have been real threats towards our people and our studio.”

They went on to add, “We’re taking them seriously, which is leading to an amount of reduced communications as the team plans future protections / strategies to help avoid these sorts of things. I will be very clear in saying that I appreciate the studio in the amount that it's helped me personally after some serious harassment towards me and my family. I’m taking time off in part because of this. Just because you can’t see it directly in a given tweet or forum reply doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen.”

“None of [this] is meant to be a punishment to the people who can leave clear and respectful feedback for our developers, mind you. [...] I agree – it’s a bummer that we don’t have as much interaction here as of late. The team is planning ways in which to communicate with you all – some of these plans I’m really looking forward to when I get back in. I can assure you that many on the team are checking out threads each day and talking about your feedback,” they concluded. Hopefully, Bungie can find a safe way to communicate with fans soon.

Featured Image Credit: Bungie

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