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Dead Rising fans are accusing Capcom of 'censoring' the Deluxe remaster

Dead Rising fans are accusing Capcom of 'censoring' the Deluxe remaster

Fans are unhappy that a virtual woman isn't sexy enough... again

It is a sad day for those who have never seen a woman in real life as a group of fans have accused Capcom of censoring the upcoming Dead Rising remaster.

First released back in 2006, the original Dead Rising was the first entry in the long-running series which follows photojournalist Frank West after he becomes trapped in a zombie-infested shopping mall.

Check out the trailer for the upcoming Dead Rising Deluxe remaster below!

With four titles in the main series as well as multiple spin offs and remakes, Capcom recently revealed that it would be releasing a remaster for 2006’s Dead Rising which fans were originally over the moon about.

However, they are now less enthusiastic due to a discovery surrounding Cheryl, a character Frank meets in the original game.

It is safe to say that her role in Dead Rising was to be eye candy to both Frank and the player with the latter able to score an “erotica” bonus by photographing her in seductive poses. This was topped off by Cheryl’s outfit which consists of a strappy dress, fishnet tights and heels.

However, it would seem that in the upcoming Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster, Cheryl has received a bit of a makeover with a less revealing dress and the removal of those fishnet tights.

As a result, some fans (I’m sure you know the ones) are less than happy about this and have taken to Twitter to share their frustrations.

“What’s with these companies not wanting to show women the way many of them dress?” one person asked.

Another said: “It’s the norm at this point, which is why no one should buy remasters.”

However, another fan sarcastically said: “Oooh noooo, now you can't jerk off with the video game.”

The Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster is expected to be released on 19 September 2024 so it isn’t long before you get to see this “censorship” in the flesh.

Featured Image Credit: Capcom

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