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DayZ 2 confirmed in official documents

DayZ 2 confirmed in official documents

A document submitted in Microsoft's court battle against the Federal Trade Commission has revealed DayZ 2 was in development in 2021.

Microsoft’s court battle against the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has been genuinely thrilling to watch unfold. So much juicy games industry information has surfaced as a result of the trial - I think it’s safe to say that everyone now knows much more about the inner workings of Microsoft and Xbox than we could have ever expected.

The trial has revealed all sorts - from the fact that Microsoft considered acquiring Sega, to the revelation that Call of Duty almost stopped releasing on Xbox when the Series X/S came out due to Activision pushing for a new revenue split deal. Now though, it seems that a sequel to the 2013 multiplayer survival game DayZ has been confirmed to be in development at Bohemia Interactive, according to a document submitted as evidence by Microsoft.

Take a look at the cinematic trailer for DayZ below.

As IGN reports, the document in question was part of Microsoft’s May 2021 acquisition strategy (the same strategy which revealed that the company was interested in acquiring Sega and Bungie). On one page which focused on Bohemia Interactive, the document directly states that the devs were working on DayZ 2, alongside Arma 4 and Arma Reforger (two games we already knew about).

It’s worth keeping in mind that this document was originally produced over two years ago, so things could have changed since then. However, a Bohemia Interactive spokesperson told IGN: “While we are expanding our focus regarding the possibilities of the DayZ game, brand, and team itself, we can't offer too many details at the moment. There are numerous projects Bohemia Interactive dev teams are currently exploring/working on, but they will be officially revealed when and only after we feel the time is right.”

Clearly the devs don’t want to admit to the sequel's existence just yet, but they’re not denying anything either. The 2021 document didn’t reveal any further information about the title, so we have no idea when it was or is supposed to release - we’ll have to watch this space.

Featured Image Credit: Bohemia Interactive

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