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Days Gone meets Valheim in open world zombie RPG 10 years in the making

Days Gone meets Valheim in open world zombie RPG 10 years in the making

It's been a long time coming for this game

7 Days to Die has been around for so long that you might not know that it isn’t actually a finished game. Well, it will be soon.

It has taken 10 years to finish development and the team behind the successful zombie RPG is going big for their official release date.

7 Days to Die has come a long way in its early access development but will soon release its 1.0 version

Developer, The Fun Pimps, this week announced that 7 Days to Die is finally releasing its 1.0 version and with that, the game has finished development.

This will happen on 25 July and that final update brings a host of changes, features, and improvements to the game.

The company has written to the fans saying, “This momentous milestone marks a significant evolution in the survival horror genre. The 1.0 Edition brings more optimizations, polish, quality-of-life improvements, new content, new features, and new gameplay systems than ever before.”

The game, which brings in elements of inspiration from several other games and plenty of horror films, is an expansive RPG set in a world where zombies are on the rampage.

With survival elements, you can see games like Valheim in there, and it’s hard to not think of titles like Days Gone or Resident Evil when the undead are shuffling about.

The final product will be available on Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation when it exits early access, but the developers have promised that the 1.0 version will not mean an end to the updates.

“7 Days is our team's greatest passion, and The Fun Pimps will continue to make content and add new features and grow this franchise because it's our favorite game too.” This message came from Richard Huenink in the latest communication from the team.

Blending open world survival and RPG features with everyone’s favourite horror enemy is a surefire way to get people’s attention and from what everyone is saying, 7 Days to Die is a banging game that deserves love and support.

Featured Image Credit: The Fun Pimps Entertainment LLC

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