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Days Gone fans say newcomers shouldn't be put off by game's 'mediocre' reviews

Days Gone fans say newcomers shouldn't be put off by game's 'mediocre' reviews

Days Gone fans say that the game is a "true classic", despite its review scores.

Reviews are important - they play a huge role in influencing whether or not people will give a game a go, and if so, what expectations they’ll have of it going in.

With that said, even if something gets 10s across the board from critics, that doesn’t mean that every gamer alive is going to love it. Just take Elden Ring - it deservedly earned countless perfect scores (including from us), but if someone who hates Soulsborne games with a burning passion were to play it, they probably wouldn’t feel quite so positive about it. Equally, the same can be said of the opposite - I know I’ve personally played numerous games which were given mediocre review scores at launch, only to end up having way more fun with it than I expected.

Take a look at the trailer for Days Gone below.

Over on Reddit, gamers have been discussing this exact concept after user StarryChocobo asked: “What's a game that got mediocre scores and reviews, but you bought it anyway and ended up loving it?”

Although a number of games have been mentioned, including The Callisto Protocol and Gotham Knights, the vast majority had one particular post-apocalyptic action-adventure in mind - Days Gone. Although most of its reviews weren’t bad by any means, it has an average critic score of 71 on Metacritic, which admittedly doesn’t sound phenomenal. However, fans say that potential new players shouldn’t be deterred by this.

Days Gone was fantastic and didn't deserve the hate it received. Story and characters were great,” Marko3563 wrote. “Days Gone. I still consider this game a true classic,” DizzyHart15 said. “Turned out to be one of my favourite games of all time,” kirsclin added.

Despite its popularity, the game’s director, Jeff Ross, says that it’s very unlikely that a Days Gone sequel is ever going to happen. Back in May, he broke fans’ hearts when he revealed that Days Gone 2 could have been out and in our hands as of April this year if the plans for it had gone ahead. That hurts.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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