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CS:GO breaks its own Steam record after 11 years

CS:GO breaks its own Steam record after 11 years

This game's still got game.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has hit a new all-time player high over the weekend, showing that this game's still got game.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is, right now, the most popular game on Steam according to SteamDB with one million active players. To compare, Dota 2 is in second place with 554,000 active players and then Hogwarts Legacy takes the bronze medal with 528,000 active players. In short, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has overtaken these heavy-hitters with ease, even though it's now an 11 year old game.

Take a trip down memory lane to watch the release trailer for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive below:

Previously, the all-time peak player count was 1,308,963, recorded in early 2020 which was a time where we all suddenly had a lot more time on our hands. However, the new count is 1,320,219 players, a spike that occurred on 11 February. I don't know a huge lot about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive so I'm assuming that the latest update that added community-made weapon finishes and stickers had something to do with the surge.

Though, on the whole, the game hasn't been that experimental with developer Valve seemingly sticking to the mantra of "if it ain't broke." I'll tell you who isn't broke: professional Counter-Strike players as 23 of them have now made $1 million in earnings from events. Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen, who plays as an entry fragger for Team Vitality, is the only player to have gone home with $2 million in total from prize money. That being said, Andreas "Xyp9x" Højsleth is closing in on Rasmussen's crown.

Featured Image Credit: Valve, Disney

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