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Coca-Cola Announce New "Pixel" Flavoured Drink

Coca-Cola Announce New "Pixel" Flavoured Drink

The latest Coca-Cola Creations flavour has been revealed, and no one really knows what it's actually going to taste of.

Exciting news in the world of fizzy beverages - yesterday, Coca-Cola officially unveiled a brand new flavour, which has been described as “an amazing nod to gamers”, and which “transcends both the digital and physical realms”.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a belated April Fool’s joke - meet Coca-Cola Byte, a limited edition new flavour coming to the Coca-Cola Creations line. Although “Byte” is a cool sounding flavour name, it doesn’t really give anything away when it comes to describing what the drink actually tastes like, so they’ve also handily added that it tastes like pixels. I, uh, also don’t know what a pixel tastes like, but it seems that that’s kind of the point. 

We might not know what the pixel flavour is really like, but we can tell you what a Creeper from Minecraft tastes of. This gaming bar has loads of amazing themed drinks - check it out below.

“What I find especially exciting about this Coke Creation is the intentional air of mystery in defining the taste of a pixel,” Oana Vlad, Coca-Cola’s senior director of strategy told CNET. “We know that any new Coca-Cola Creations expression will provoke debate and curiosity which we welcome.”

We actually got our first look at this new flavour via Fortnite, of all things. With the help of gaming organisation PWR, Coca-Cola have built their own island in Fortnite Creative, which, according to The Gamer, includes four “sensory-inspired, multiplayer mini-games”. “This new Coca-Cola Creations flavour is an amazing nod to gamers from one of the most iconic brands in existence,” Lachlan Power, PWR’s founder, said in a press release.

Byte is the second Coca-Cola Creations flavour to grace our tastebuds - the first was “Starlight”, which released in February, and supposedly tasted of space. Having not had it myself (or licked space, for that matter) I can’t really comment on how accurate that descriptor was. The new pixel flavoured drink will be available to buy exclusively on Coca-Cola’s website starting 2 May, in twin packs of 12 ounce cans (about 350ml). They’ll apparently be “super limited quantity”, and will be sold on a first-come, first served basis, so if you want to find out what a pixel tastes like, don’t miss out. 

Featured Image Credit: Brittany Broski/@brittanyt445 via TikTok, Coca-Cola

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