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Christian Bale hits out at 'monotonous' MCU green screen acting

Christian Bale hits out at 'monotonous' MCU green screen acting

"You have no idea what to do."

Christian Bale, who played Gorr the God Butcher in Thor: Love And Thunder, criticised the use of green-screen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, saying that the days on set blended together into a nondescript period of time.

Previously, Bale had said he lamented the loss of some of the "R-rated" scenes in Thor: Love And Thunder, and fans agreed, adding that the light-hearted tone of the film didn't match up with the origin and characterisation of Gorr in the comic books. Now, it looks like the actor has another point of contention.

Check out the trailer for Marvel's Midnight Suns, from the developer of X-COM, below!

In an interview with GQ, Bale was asked what attracts him to the range of films that he stars in, from Thor: Love And Thunder to Amsterdam to The Pale Blue Eye. He answered that he liked Thor: Ragnarok and the possibilities of the character of Gorr intrigued him. However, it sounds like the idea and the actuality didn't match up.

"That’s the first time I’ve done [green-screen acting]," said the actor. "I mean, the definition of it is monotony. You’ve got good people. You’ve got other actors who are far more experienced at it than me. Can you differentiate one day from the next? No. Absolutely not."

"You have no idea what to do. I couldn’t even differentiate one stage from the next. They kept saying, 'You’re on Stage Three.' Well, it’s like, 'Which one is that?' 'The blue one.' They’re like, 'Yeah. But you’re on Stage Seven.' 'Which one is that?' 'The blue one.' I was like, 'Uh, where?'

I feel like his quote could easily be applied to your first day of secondary school too - it taps into that same slightly anxious, slightly overstimulated energy. Whether or not we'll see Bale dabble in the DCEU, we'll have to wait and see.

Featured Image Credit: Lions Gate Films, Disney

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