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Call Of Duty fans are begging for an Advanced Warfare sequel

Call Of Duty fans are begging for an Advanced Warfare sequel

Call of Duty fans believe that Sledgehammer Games' 2014 CoD instalment deserves a sequel.

Call of Duty fans are (mostly) in agreement - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare needs a sequel.

Sledgehammer Games’ 2014 CoD instalment was an interesting one, to say the least. It was the first game in the series to introduce jetpacks - something which proved to be a bit of a ‘love it or hate it’ mechanic for many. Perhaps time has helped some players appreciate the title more, or maybe it’s just nostalgia for the 2010s, but as GGRecon reports, many now feel as though the time has come for it to get a proper sequel.

Check out some spicy gameplay from Modern Warfare II below.

Over on Twitter, @WarzoneQG kicked off what quickly became a very nostalgic thread, and simply wrote: “Sorry but Advanced Warfare 2 just NEEDS to happen.” Others quickly agreed:

Advanced Warfare was my legit favourite of the franchise, so yes it really does need to happen lol,” replied @ComCodyCC2224. “That game was beyond fun. Campers couldn’t exist cause they’d just get turned on by someone good. So much love for that game. If you were a bot, everyone knew it. None of that holding angles and only taking three steps all game. If you didn’t move you got fried,” wrote @AustinD8080.

Meanwhile in the chaotic world of Warzone 2.0, some players have now discovered that proximity chat can be used to mimic the revive sound effects and bait other players into walking straight into their doom. I can’t decide if that’s more or less evil than the people who were using it to turn off their opponents’ consoles via voice command. Both are admittedly pretty genius, though.

Back to Advanced Warfare’s proposed sequel though - there’s currently nothing to suggest that one is actually in the works. We’re getting closer to the game’s 10th anniversary, though, so maybe something will happen then.

Featured Image Credit: Activision

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