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Boyfriend Edits 115 Hours Of Filler Nonsense From 'Naruto' For Girlfriend

Boyfriend Edits 115 Hours Of Filler Nonsense From 'Naruto' For Girlfriend

One YouTuber has chopped down over 700 episodes of Naruto into a supercut with no filler, all so his girlfriend could watch it with him.

Anyone who’s dabbled in the world of anime in any capacity is no doubt aware that most notable series are absolutely huge. There’s not many of these things that you’ll be able to watch from start to finish in a handful of 20 minute episodes. Unfortunately, it’s also usually the mega long ones that you hear everyone saying that you just have to watch - nostalgia will do that to you.

The thing is, even if a big series is good, they tend to be absolutely packed with filler episodes, which not only pack out the runtime massively, but can also ruin the pacing of the actual plot you’re trying to follow. It can be very intimidating, having never watched something before, to face all that and still decide to give it a go. With that in mind, one YouTuber took on the mammoth task of making a supercut of Naruto, just so that he could share it with his girlfriend who understandably didn’t fancy taking on all 720 episodes. Now that's love.

If you're an anime aficionado yourself, you're probably going to love the look of One Piece Odyssey, an upcoming RPG based on the iconic series - take a look below.

As reported by Kotaku, Oceaniz managed to chop down 250 hours of content into a much more manageable 135 hours, typically by taking between three and six 20 minute episodes and condensing them into 50-120 minute “Ocean Cut” episodes. Not only were the pointless filler episodes scrapped, but he also cut out the show’s constant unnecessary flashbacks to stuff that had only just happened moments prior.

“The flashbacks in particular are so bad that certain scenes are shown up to, no joke, 20 different times, with only a fraction of them showing any new information,” the YouTuber said in his video explaining the project.

With so many episodes to trawl through, you might be wondering just how long it took for Oceaniz to complete his entire “Ocean Cut”, and if you guessed “a very long time”, you’d be absolutely right: “Making The Ocean Cut took around three months, with many long evenings of me tinkering on it,” he told Kotaku. “I started in January and finished around mid-March.”

But, the all important question, after all that, did his girlfriend actually like the show? Thankfully, yes: “It was surprisingly one of the best shows you’ve shown me so far,” she told him.

Despite Naruto being very long, it still pales in comparison to some other series - One Piece currently has a whopping 1013 episodes, and is still going. Somehow, I doubt Oceaniz will be jumping to make a supercut of that one.

Featured Image Credit: Pierrot, Viz Media / Madman / Manga Entertainment

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