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Bloodborne meets Civilization in this Lovecraftian RPG

Bloodborne meets Civilization in this Lovecraftian RPG

Perform Eldritch rituals, for fun

The Lovecraftian well rarely runs dry and video games love to dip into the murky waters as inspiration that plays out over a range of genres.

Who doesn’t love a big tentacled monster infecting the minds of the populace? Well, Crazy Goat Games loves this, apparently.

Frostpunk is a deviously difficulty city-builder where an apocalypse is biting at your feet

Worshippers of Cthulhu is a city-builder where Eldritch horrors lurk around every corner and rituals are a daily occurrence. Sanity and horror blur constantly as you become the herald of a cosmic rebirth.

According to the game’s Steam page, “Humanity is insignificant, pitiful in its smallness. Our existence is a fleeting whisper in the cosmic winds, and only by awakening Cthulhu can we transcend our feeble existence.” Sounds like a Tuesday to me.

If you like your horror cosmic, and your worlds laced with danger, you’re going to want to put this one on your Steam Wishlist.

You become the leader of a cult, a group determined to awaken the Old One. Your decisions will determine how this happens - will you be a horrorific ruler? Will you force the population into performing blood rites? Do you push them to work until they collapse?

Sounds like a yes to all of the above, if I’m honest. Who doesn’t want to unleash the power of a God onto the world?

It’s a bit odd to see a delicately built city suddenly overcome by enormous tentacles, but I guess that’s something you’ll need to get used to here.

Worshippers of Cthulhu is shaping up to be a great attempt at a city-builder with a difference and the tone of the images makes this look bleak and dangerous, but also oddly gorgeous.

I for one will pledge my allegiance to the Elder Gods and torture my adoring public until we bring forth said God to devour the world. Thank you very much.

Featured Image Credit: Crazy Goat Games

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