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Bloodborne meets Fallout in this disturbing new open-world RPG

Bloodborne meets Fallout in this disturbing new open-world RPG

This survival shooter will be the stuff of nightmares

Fans of Bloodborne and the Fallout series should keep their eyes on this upcoming survival horror game which is guaranteed to feature the best of both worlds.

The Path Into the Abyss is a “dark atmospheric survival game” which takes place in the city of Buenos Aires and based on the movie Into the Abyss.

Check out the Bloodborne: The Old Hunters trailer below!

Developed by Matías Rispau who gave up his career as a filmmaker to fully work on this indie game, the game itself is based on his last film before the start of the pandemic and it follows the character who is stuck in a city after the start of the apocalypse.

Feeling limited with his career as a filmmaker and how movies put you in the position of a spectator rather than the protagonist, Rispau decided to turn his attention to The Path Into the Abyss after being inspired to make video games since he played Half-Life back in 1998.

In a Devlog for the game, he said: “The Path Into the Abyss is a dark atmospheric hardcore survival shooter with some roleplaying touches and an open-narrative focused more on the world and the characters you can encounter.”

Inspired by the roleplaying aspects found in the Fallout series as well as the eldritch horrors found in Bloodborne, The Path Into the Abyss combines elements of sci-fi with folklore to create an atmospheric and climatic atmosphere.

Not only that but the game will also feature “dynamic NPCs” who you can meet along the way and either befriend or choose as your enemy. “They can become travelling companions or simply go on their own adventure,” claims Rispau. “My rule is that each character you meet has a story to tell”.

The Path Into the Abyss is yet to receive a release date but if this sounds like something you’re interested in, make sure to keep up with the project over on Twitter.

Featured Image Credit: Matías Rispau

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