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Bizarre ‘God of War’ Mod Sends Joel And Ellie To Midgard, And It’s Hilarious

Bizarre ‘God of War’ Mod Sends Joel And Ellie To Midgard, And It’s Hilarious

This 'God of War' mod sends some familiar faces from 'The Last of Us' to Midgard.

This year’s not-E3 sure did feel like a dream for us The Last of Us fans. We weren’t just served up a tasty meal, we were treated to a whole damn feast. Perhaps the biggest announcement was The Last of Part 1, a new-gen remake of Naughty Dog’s 2013 classic. I for one cannot wait to relive this traumatic journey.

Alongside that, we also got a fresh still from HBO’s TV adaptation and our first glimpse at the upcoming standalone multiplayer title. Today, I bring you some more The Last of Us content, albeit something a little bizarre. Have you ever wondered what would happen if Joel and Ellie were modded into God of War? Me neither but hey, here we are.

The Last of Us Part 1 releases on 2 September. Take a look at the incredible trailer below.

Modder OmegaFantasy has created an incredible mod that replaces God of War’s characters with familiar faces from The Last of Us. YouTuber Speclizer has put together a demo showing just what the mod is capable of and I’m not going to lie, it’s got big chaos energy. Take a look below.

I don’t know what’s weirder, seeing Joel take out David with an actual whole tree or seeing Ellie wildly slash out at a troll with her knife. I have to say though, I’m curious to see more. I’d like to see Joel take on a troll-sized Bloater. That would certainly be some quality content. Anyway, the mod is available to download now if you’re a Patreon subscriber of OmegaFantasy so you’ve got plenty of time for a weirdly wonderful new God of War playthrough ahead of Ragnarok’s release.

Fans shared their thoughts online. Deescoplays wrote, “This is awesome and weirdly fits well? Also made me laugh more than I had expected,” whilst hen said, “I would gladly play a full-length game of this. It’s horribly cursed I love it.” Horribly cursed is a nice way to sum it up. I love it.

Featured Image Credit: OmegaFantasy, Speclizer via YouTube, Sony Interactive Entertainment

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