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BioShock remake may be in the works, after unannounced 2K project surfaces online

BioShock remake may be in the works, after unannounced 2K project surfaces online

Big Daddies are back!

Vague details about an unannounced project have appeared online, and with it our collective hope rises that BioShock is officially coming back.

A new BioShock game has been discussed far and wide of late – just when we think it’s dead in the water, a new teaser promises us that BioShock 4 yet lives.

This unknown (to us) project is said to be different; instead of a new game, it’s reportedly a remake of an old one.

MP1st spotted the LinkedIn information, in which it apparently lists an “announced remake” alongside a new Mafia title, a new undisclosed game, and, of course, a new BioShock.

Seeing as we're lacking a new BioShock, at least for now, let's check out that Judas trailer one more time.

We have to say “apparently” here because, when we attempted to look at these details for ourselves, LinkedIn said the page was either private or didn’t exist.

As cynical as we can be here at GAMINGbible, we don’t doubt the authenticity of this news. However, without being able to verify the profile for ourselves, we prefer to be cautious all the same.

It’s been a decade since the OG BioShock trilogy was remastered, yet interest in the series has far from waned; now could be the right time for 2K to monopolise on our love of the first game. After all, most consider it one of the best video game experiences ever.

Judas is an upcoming FPS that looks sent to heavily tap into that BioShock atmosphere. However, without being rude to BioShock’s original creator, it simply isn’t the same.

There are also some stunning Unreal Engine creations out there from the fans that keep us going while 2K denies us an official remake. But again, it lacks that certain something...

All this speculation could be for naught, though, as 2K has many other classic titles – such as Spec Ops: The Line – that many would claim is equally deserving of a comeback.

Whatever this unannounced project is, its sheer existence proves that demand for BioShock hasn’t disappeared.

Featured Image Credit: 2K Games

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