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BioShock reveals Big Daddy with no helmet, and I wish I'd not looked

BioShock reveals Big Daddy with no helmet, and I wish I'd not looked

One serving of nightmare fuel coming right up

If you’ve ever played BioShock, then you’ll know exactly what I mean when I state the phrase ‘Big Daddy’. If you haven’t … it’s not as suspect as it sounds.

Big Daddies serve as one of the franchise’s most prolific enemies; unwilling test subjects grafted into enormous diving suits to create obedient soldiers.

They’re as tragic as they are terrifying, so coming up against a Big Daddy is never going to be a pleasant experience.

There is one positive to doing so though. You’re never made to witness the horrors that lie underneath their suits. After all, Big Daddies are grafted in - the change irreversible.

That was until now. PC Gamer’s Andy Kelly previously stumbled across a piece of concept art unveiling what BioShock’s Big Daddies look like under their helmets and my god, I wish I’d never looked but hey, now you have to too.

Take a look at BioShock's Big Daddies in action below.

If you’re from the UK, I’d describe a Big Daddy as a dark take on Mr Blobby. If you’re not from the UK and that reference means nothing to you, I’ll let the concept image do the talking. Prepare yourselves.

As reported by GamesRadar, the artwork has since been attributed to former Irrational Games senior concept artist Robb Waters so assumedly, this is a canon piece of work.

I’m not sure what’s more disturbing, the soulless eyes, the translucent skin, or the gold light emanating from deep within.

What I do know is that next time I replay a BioShock game and come face to face with these foes, they’re most definitely going to send an extra shudder down my spine.

The creator of BioShock, Ken Levine, is soon set to dazzle fans with a brand new FPS titled Judas. Last showcased at a State of Play event earlier this year, it’s assumed that we’ll hear more about the title in the coming months, perhaps including a release date or window.

Sony is yet to announce its summer showcase but we do know that Summer Game Fest is to be held on 7 June, followed by the Xbox Games Showcase on 9 June, and Ubisoft Forward the following day. Nintendo will also hold a June showcase, but the date remains unconfirmed.

Featured Image Credit: 2K Games

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