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Xbox And Bethesda Have More Disney Adaptations In Development, Says Insider

Xbox And Bethesda Have More Disney Adaptations In Development, Says Insider

According to one insider, the untitled Indiana Jones title is just one of multiple Disney-licensed games currently in the works.

Last year, Disney and Lucasfilm announced that Lucasfilm Games was launching back into action, working with great developers to create new games based on their properties. At the time, most of us thought this probably just meant more Star Wars stuff, so the reactions when just days later, Bethesda announced a new Indiana Jones game, were amazing. 

Over a year on, the game is still currently untitled - all we currently know about it for sure is that it’s being developed by MachineGames, Bethesda’s legendary Todd Howard will be the executive producer, and that the title “will tell a wholly original, standalone tale set at the height of the career of the famed adventurer”. However, according to one insider, this might not be the only Disney title that Bethesda have in the works. 

Take a look at the Indiana Jones game announcement below.

These claims come from Esports commentator Joey McDermott (@KourtsideKing) on Twitter: “Not sure what order they came in, but Xbox-Bethesda has multiple Disney-licensed projects in the works,” they tweeted. 

When asked for their sources, the insider tweeted a screenshot of a Discord message, showing that they’d reportedly previously known about Microsoft hosting a welcome event with Zenimax and Bethesda before the first public mention of it by journalist Jeff Grubb: “For what its worth, one of the sources is the same one that leaked this nearly a full month before anyone else mentioned it,” they wrote. 

Meanwhile on Reddit, users have been speculating whether or not this could be true: “Makes sense right? Disney has been shopping around their IP pretty substantially in recent years and of course Microsoft would want in as those IP are extremely popular. Wouldn’t be surprised if all big publishers have multiple Disney IP projects in development we don’t know about alongside the ones already announced,” wrote noggs891. “Even before Microsoft purchased Zenimax, Indiana Jones was revealed and [is] being made by the Wolfenstein team. So it surely can’t be the only thing when Disney is shopping properties to big publishers, Bethesda are some of the best in the business for RPGs,” added KingApex97.

Disney is huge, of course, so these supposed projects could be a whole multitude of things. Maybe it’s finally time we see a sequel to The Simpsons: Hit & Run? Hey, we can dream.

Featured Image Credit: Vivendi Universal Games, Lucasfilm, Disney

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