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‘Bayonetta 3’ Fans Split Over Optional Nudity Filter

‘Bayonetta 3’ Fans Split Over Optional Nudity Filter

PlatinumGames have confirmed that the upcoming title will have an optional censorship toggle, and not everyone is pleased.

Yesterday, completely out of nowhere, we got a brand new trailer for Bayonetta 3, along with a release date, which after almost 5 years of waiting, doesn’t feel quite real.

From the very beginning, the series has been unapologetically sexy, violent, and over-the-top (I mean this in the best way possible) - it’s basically all part of the games’ lifeblood. So, as Dexerto reports, when PlatinumGames made the additional announcement that the upcoming title would have an optional censorship mode, fans were very divided.

Take a look at the new trailer for Bayonetta 3 right here.

“Relax, the witch is back and sexier than ever,” PlatinumGames tweeted. “We've added the revolutionary ‘Naive Angel Mode’ to Bayonetta 3 so more people can fully enjoy it. By turning it on, you can play right in the living room without having to worry about what's on screen... we think.”

Many believe that this is a great addition, making the game more accessible to more people: “I actually really appreciate this. I have [two] young sons at home, so having a toggle for the nudity is pretty helpful. Not that I’ll likely be playing around them while they’re awake, mind you, but it’s nice to have the option. Bayonetta 2 was a thrill, looking forward to 3,” replied @2McCue4u. “While I will not use this, I’m glad the option is available for people who would otherwise feel uncomfortable, very nice,” added @OrcaAriels.

Some weren’t so happy though, arguing that those who aren’t comfortable with nudity shouldn’t be playing Bayonetta in the first place: “Eventually the non-nude mode will be default, and then eventually nudity will be removed altogether. These things don’t happen in a vacuum,” tweeted @DaddaBadda. “When you give the prudes an inch, they take a mile. If you are uncomfortable with nudity in a game, don’t play the goddamn game.”

Others were also confused by the decision to only remove the more sexual content, rather than all the blood and violence which is also synonymous with the series: “So it censors the sexual stuff and not the violence, seems an odd choice imo,” wrote @Ashleyscowcroft

Regardless of your stance on it, Naive Angel Mode is certainly here to stay, and you’ll be able to experience it (or not) when the game finally releases on 28 October on Nintendo Switch.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo, Sega

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