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Twitch streamer kicks off over Hogwarts Legacy's GOTY absence

Twitch streamer kicks off over Hogwarts Legacy's GOTY absence

Someone needs to have a Snickers and calm down

Is there a greater insult to a video game than being snubbed as a possible contender in The Game Awards’ Game of The Year? One Twitch streamer thinks not, after going on a tirade about Hogwarts Legacy’s absence in the acclaimed category.

Anyone who’s a gamer has seen that Hogwarts Legacy fans have been pretty upset about their beloved wizarding game missing the grand title, but few expected it to get this heated. After all, Starfield got snubbed too, a move that its fandom seems in agreement with interestingly enough. The point is, there will always be losers in this category, as much as it sucks when it’s a game you adore.

Magic awaits those who walk away from the rants and watch the Hogwarts Legacy trailer!

The streamer in question, Lirik, starts by saying that “everybody was playing it… It was on all social media and everyone was enjoying it” They then added an inaccurate comment by stating as a fact that “no one was like ‘this game f**king sucks’”. How quickly they seem to forget that HL was met with plenty of criticism and not just with regards to J.K Rowling.

Assuming you’re not an “emo f**k” as they describe the haters, it makes no sense to them how a game can have “all the ingredients” and still not make the grade. Thankfully, plenty of Harry Potter fans were quick to chime in and let Lirik know that HL just didn’t hold up when compared with other 2023 games. And that’s taking into account that it’s officially the number-one-selling game of the year.

“I finished Hogwarts Legacy. They built the whole f**king castle with f**k all to do in it. No Bethesda-level side quests, attending classes is not part of character progression, and no companion system similar to what was shown off in the trailer. Biggest missed opportunity,” said sekteu. “After playing Tears of the Kingdom, Baldurs Gate 3 and even Cyberpunk 2.0 w/ Phantom Liberty; Hogwarts Legacy doesn't hold up. It's not a better RPG than BG3, it's not a better open-world experience than TOTK, and it's not a better movie game than Spider-Man 2.”

That is just one of many comments defending the decision to leave Hogwarts out of the equation this game awards season. Arguably, the best response came from RedNog, “Maybe This is a hot take, but Bully, an almost 20-year-old game, did a better job of integrating a "school" experience than Hogwarts Legacy.”

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