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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 still revolutionary 12 years on, fans say

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 still revolutionary 12 years on, fans say

Hear hear, for this is the Battlefield of yore.

Given that it came out in 2010, it's impressive that Battlefield: Bad Company 2 still looks this good and still has compelling gameplay, and fans are piling praise onto the entry with side-dishes of nostalgia and sentimentality.

Though Battlefield 2042 boasted the biggest team to develop the series in its history, it was a disaster of a game. Numerous bugs and glitches shook the foundations of this explosive and evolving Battlefield experience, matches were chaotic and not in the good way, and a lack of narrative part to the game was confusing when compared to the series so far.

Check out the trailer for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 below!

Oh yeah, there was even that Battle Bit Remastered parody that had more concurrent players than the actual game at one point. Like I said, disaster. There is one silver lining to come out of this havoc and that's the renewed respect for older games in the Battlefield series, and more specifically, Bad Company 2. Reddit user DrinkUpLetsBooBoo shared this screenshot of the game, showing how good it still looks, and fellow fans rallied to tell stories of the Battlefield of old:

"I really loved how you could completely change the battlefield over the course of a game," said Sierra419. "Craters everywhere, every tree blown down, literally every building crumbled. It made me so excited for the future of battlefield and all it’s done is go backwards from BC2. I miss the real time destruction and desolation." Battlefield 2042's destruction was criticised as a very small number of the buildings would be affected in a match, and the mobile version of the game actually showed off better destruction.

"If you ever got bored in Bad Company 2, you could just hop in a tank and blow up anything on the map," added wildwasabi. "Or hop in the OP helicopter side miniguns and mow everything down. Game was a masterpiece." Sounds sort of therapeutic.

Featured Image Credit: Electronic Arts

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